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Glossaire des Roses

ADR: In Germany, a competition is organized each year to select new varieties which have the best qualities of hardiness, disease, floribondité, fragrance, vigor, etc...

ADR means "Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprüfung" which means "General testing of German rose novelties".
Less than 10% of the roses receives this quality label.


Button eye : The "button eye" is a character peculiar to the very full-petalled old roses; the centres, composed of stamens turned into petals are packed so tightly into the empty receptacle in the heart of the flower that they cannot unfold and remain in an incurved cluster, shaped like button. (By Graham Stuart Thomas)


Cupped bloom : The outer petals are a bit longer than the petals toward the center, forming a sort cup. Example: Coupe d’Hébé.


Double roses : are described as “double” the roses that are more than 5 rows of petals.


Fragnance : The perfume of the roses. Fragrance remains longer in the atmosphere when the humidity is high and there is no wind.


Globular bloom : The petals of the rose enclose the center of the bloom, forming a sort globe. Example: La Reine Victoria.


Grimpant : Climbing in French.


Groundcover : Roses that grow more horizontally than upright with a landscaping effect when planted in groups.


Once-blooming : Roses that put all their energy into one overwhelming display. Generally in June.


Panachee : Striped or streaked in French. Example: Scentimental.


pH : The ideal pH for roses is between 5.5 and 6.5. If the pH is lower add lime, and if higher add sulfur. You can use a pH meter to calculate it.


Remontancy : Among flower that repeat their bloom.During all the season = repeat flowering. During the begin and the end of the season = occasional repeat.


Semi-Double roses : are described as “Semi-double” the roses that are between 2 to 5 rows of petals.


Single-petalled roses : 4 to 7 petals in a single row.

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