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Modern Hybrid 1956
Category: 6
Type: Climbing Roses
Height - Width: 350 - 150
Colour: Yellow ()
Fragrance: *
Flowering type: Once-blooming
Flowering period: 06
Disease resistance: Sensitive
Usage 1: Fences
Usage 2: Pergolas
Usage 3: Walls
Usage 4: Palisades
Usage 5: Trellis
Freezing temperatures: -30°

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Quantity 14.00 

Category : Contemporary Climber
Breeder : Kordes 1956
Culture : A climber who can reach considerable size if we let go. He blooms only once in the spring but very generously. His very large double flowers are fragrant. They have a rich apricot yellow orange color that make beautiful bouquets. He is very hardy and can be planted in colder regions. Prune immediately after flowering.
Uses : Fences, trellises, pergolas.
Association : With a blue flowered clematis or red and white Potentille at the foot.
Diseases : He is not insensitive to marsonia, far away. Preventive and regular treatments are strongly recommended.

Your pictures and testimonials

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