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Lavande Parfumée
Floribunda 2007
Category: 1
Type: Bush roses
Height - Width: 80 - 60
Colour: Purple ()
Fragrance: ****
Flowering type: Repeat flowering
Flowering period: 06-09
Disease resistance: Sensitive
Awards: Prix du Parfum Bagatelle 2007
Usage 1: Flowerbed
Usage 2: Borders
Usage 3: Pots
Usage 4: Quite small gardens
Freezing temperatures: -10°

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Breeder : Dorieux (Fr) 2007
Culture : This rose is a prominently in the garden of Mireille. First because it’s unique lavender color with shade of gray argent, then by the intense fragrance emitted by its flowers and finally because his strong will to bloom abundantly throughout the season, from the first nice days till the early frosts. The bush that does not exceed 80vcm height is overflow with opulent blooms that regularly comes in successive waves. The flowers take quite well to rain and the heat. It is a gourmand rosebush which demand fertile soil and ask to be watered regularly the first year, to give his full extent.
Uses : Massive, massive front plans, borders.
Associations : We have associated Lavande Parfumée with lavenders and a woolly Stachys (Stachys Byzantine) whose gray color recalls the flip side of the rose petals.
Diseases : If you treat regularly he will remain impeccable. Otherwise, bad years, he risks losing his leaves following an Marsonia attack. If you chose not to address, you remove the stained sheets and he will make new leaves on his own and flower still plenty.

Your pictures and testimonials

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