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Parfum de Liberté
Hybrid Tea 2001
Category: 1
Type: Bush roses
Height - Width: 120 - 100
Colour: Pink ()
Fragrance: ****
Flowering type: Repeat flowering
Flowering period: 06-09
Disease resistance: Very good
Awards: AARS
Usage 1: Flowerbed
Usage 2: Isolated

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Breeder : Carruth (USA) 2001
Culture : Excellent is the adjective that suits the creation of Tom Carruth who is signing a new trend in the category of hybrid tea creating strong bushes, very flowering and bushy shape adapted to the garden. Parfum de Liberté is powerfully fragrant and perfectly resistant to frost and disease. Large lilac pink flowers decorate the garden all summer and make lavish bouquets.
Uses : Massive, isolated, to make bouquets that will embalm the entire house.
Association : Join him with light flowers as gaura or gypsum.
Diseases : Perfectly healthy. You can do one or two preventive treatments in the spring but this is not essential.

Your pictures and testimonials

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