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Abraham Darby
Austin 1985
Category: 4
Type: Bush roses
Height - Width: 140 - 70
Colour: Orange ()
Fragrance: ***
Flowering type: Repeat flowering
Flowering period: 06-09
Disease resistance: Good
Usage 1: Flowerbed
Usage 2: Short climbers
Freezing temperatures: -25°

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Breeder : David Austin 1985
Culture : If grows in shrub, his branches loose saddled under the weight of huge peach-apricot colored flowers, deliciously fragrant (a fruity fragrance with notes of citrus), it must be cut by 1/3 in spring and requires a support or tripod.
Abraham Darby calls for care, regular sampling of wilted flowers, a sunny place, a land enriched with good compost for planting and three special fertilizer inputs in May, June and July to give its full extent. In this case, he will be in bloom throughout the season with two opulent waves in spring and late summer. The flowers held well in bouquets.
Uses : He can be grown in shrub 1.5 m tall or small climbing 2 meters. It is also preferable because fence climbing branches saddled under the weight of its large flowers. You can press against a fence, he will enjoy.
Association : With yellow, orange or white roses. At the foot, blue perennial geraniums or Alchemilla.
In climbing, associate it with blue-flowered clematis.
Diseases : He resists the Marsonia honorably, if you are concerned about the aesthetics of a foliage without spots you choose another rose or you treat with Rosabel from the first appearance of leaves, repeat the procedure 15 days later and every months, do not let the plant dry.

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