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We offer potted roses at the Nursery which are available all year round. Our containers are specially adapted for growing roses in pots and are deep enough to allow good root development. After various experiments, we managed to compose the earthy mixture which gives the optimal result and guarantees a vigorous development of the roots and rootlets. We offer different types of pots (7 liters - 12 liters - 20 liters). Roses in large containers are of course more developed and offer the advantage of giving immediate decorative results to the garden. We can estimate that according to the size of the container, we gain a year of development in the garden from the planting. Our prices indicated on this site are the prices of the roses in bare roots. These prices are increased at the nursery by container size.

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The Rose Garden is open

on Friday's,  Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10am till 6pm




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